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Tourism is a service oriented industry. By its nature, it is a highly labour intensive activity as it relies so much on personal service. Tourism is probably the sector of economy which is least vulnerable to substitution of labour by technology. Since middle of the last century the service industry is developing in an irresistible pace throughout the world. But in our country it is still in its infancy. In view of the above, for the all out development of service industry in our country the need for creation of a contingent of highly trained manpower will not be an exaggeration. Moreover, tourism has a multiple role to play in socio-economic sector of a country. It contributes to national economic growth, employment opportunities, alleviation of poverty as well as socio-cultural solidarity. To meet the destined role of tourism industry skilled manpower is an essential component and this trained manpower can be of great benefit to the employer, employee and guest and in the long run to the country as well.

Objectives :

  • to create a host of skilled professionals to meet domestic demand and export abroad.
  • to create opportunities for the employers of the country to choose appropriate trained manpower for employment in their respective outlets.
  • to help to alleviate poverty and to get rid of unemployment crisis of the country.
  • to help elevate standard of services of hospitality industry of the country.
  • to earn foreign currency by exporting trained manpower for economic growth of the country.

Course Outline :

Duration of Course

Total 360 hrs

6 day per week, per day 08 hours

Theory = 100  hrs
Practice = 260 hrs

Theory =2hrs, per lesson
Practice =6hrs, per practice

Total duration = 08h per job

Entry Qualification :

Minimum Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or equivalent.

Employment Opportunities :

  1. Restaurants
  2. Hotels
  3. Motels
  4. Guest-Houses
  5. Resorts
  6. Vacation-Homes
  7. Coffee Shops
  8. First Food Shops
  9. Food Courts etc.